Sunday, 15 December 2013

Ok first blog on my journey. 

Most of us have the desire to lose a few kilos.  Most of us thing life would be better if we could just lose say 5 kilos.  Well this is going to be all about mu journey to lose not just 5 kilos but 15 kilos. 

I weighed in last night and almost fainted.  I am hovering around the 80kg mark these days.  I'm not a tall girl and all of that excess weight is sitting rather unhealthily around my waist, best and unfortunately in great big saddle bags on my thighs.

I recently hurt myself (fell over and tore all the ligaments in my left ankle) so I was a little incapacitated in the way of exercise and unfortunately that made me LAZY.  I usually live my life as a swimmer and train 3 times a week and race once a week.  All sounds great doesn't it but I'm here to tell you that swimming doesn't make you lost weight.  To do that you need weight bearing exercise.

I dont run.  No really, I dont run.  I'm not built for running and I really and truly do not enjoy it.  I quite enjoy exercise but i'll be the first to admit that I need someone to push me.  I dont have issues with doing it but I'm not a self starter - well not usually.

I am not happy with my shape but also I know its unhealthy and after seeing both my parents go through major heart surgery I really think that I should do everything in my power to reduce the stress on my heart and that means losing a lot of weight.  Bonus is that I will be able to shop easier!!!

Ok, enough for today - ugly before photo is coming.  Just got to upload it.